Check out this podcast, and hear me play one of my guitars through one of my Secondhand Smokin' amps !

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If you like the idea of owning a truly American instrument with a one-of-a-kind look, excellent craftsmanship, and a unique sound and historical background, consider               Secondhand Smokin' ...

and "play outside the box"!



about Secondhand Smokin' ...

I like guitars, but I wanted something really different.  I decided to add to my collection by making my own instruments, building on a concept first conceived by others many years ago.  An idea was born, and I studied the history and methods of making cigar box guitars (CBG's).  I have since built and sold many, some to customers' specifications, and each one unique.   I select the best cigar boxes I can find, hand shape necks and bridges from oak, maple, and more exotic woods.   I use real bone nuts, and design and fabricate hardware from heavy brass and steel.  The vast majority of my builds are un-fretted with either 3 or 4 strings.  Though designed to be acoustically harmonious, each guitar also has either rod piezo, humbucker, or single coil pickups (enhanced by equalizers or volume and/or tone pots) for a distinctive amplified presence.  I complement my guitar making with production of cigar box amplifiers, lap-hardened copper slides and silver guitar picks.

Secondhand Smokin' is located in Phelps, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region and sells from the home shop and at local craft shows and music festivals.


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